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Community Music Initiatives – bringing quality non-profit music instruction to Alberta communities since 1997.

Are you looking for quality music lessons in your community? Community Music offers piano lessons, voice lessons and guitar lessons in Beaumont.

Community Music instructors are talented musicians and experienced teachers, chosen for their knowledge of music and their instrument, and for the energy and conviction they bring to their teaching. Promoting music literacy, proficiency and enjoyment of music is a passion that our instructors share with us.  When we say that “Music education is an education for life”, we mean that in every possible way – it opens doors to an enriched way of living, for a lifetime!

Community Music Initiatives is a not-for-profit company, designated by the Alberta Companies Act as “A Company With Objects Other Than the Acquisition of Gain”, a specific provision for education, culture and recreation services. Community Music operates on a cost–recovery basis and works on a unique, cooperative model with the communities we serve. We are grateful to the many groups and organizations that make space available for music lessons.